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How to Install


Step 1: Download Zip Files

After you have made your purchase, download the ZIP Files to your Files app on your iPhone device. Tap the ZIP Files to unzip. Then multi-select the images, hit the share button, and choose “Save # Images”.


Step 2: Use Correct Wallpaper Size

Select the correct iPhone wallpaper size. Then set it in Settings. Make sure to pinch in to zoom all the way out, to get pixel perfect alignment between wallpaper and widget.


Tip: Turn off “Dark Appearance Dims Wallpaper” in Settings > Wallpaper


Step 3: Install Widgets with Widgetsmith

Download the Widgetsmith app, upload the widget images into the app, then add them to your Home Screen.


Step 4: Install Icons with Iconboard

Download the Iconboard app, upload the icon images into the app, then export them to your Home Screen.

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