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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if there’s an icon I need?
    If there are icons you didn’t see in the pack message me with your order number and I will try my best to create it for you!
  • Do you have discount codes?
    Use DOUBLE to get 15% off an order of 2 or more. Use TRIPLE to get 20% off an order of 3 or more. Use QUADRUPLE to get 25% off an order of 4 or more.
  • How do I install?
    This pack contains 3 Zip Files: Wallpaper Icons Widget Images Save the ZIP Files to the Files app on your iPhone. Tap to unzip. Then select the images you want and press the share button and click "Save Images". Then follow these instructions: Change the wallpaper with my image Customize Icons Tutorial - Download Widgetsmith and upload the Widget banner images, then stack multiple Widgetsmiths on top of each other in Edit mode. For each Widgetsmith, you can select which image you want to show.
  • How do you make your Widgets scroll like the one in your video?
    It's called iOS14 Smart Stacks. When you go into edit mode, you are able to put another same sized widget on top of another to create a stack. In this case, I stacked multiple medium-sized Widgetsmiths each with its own image. Here's a tutorial from CNET which you can follow:
  • Can you make this iOS14 or iPadOS 14 Theme?
    Submit your idea request at There are many other themes in the pipeline. I will prioritize making your theme idea if other people are also upvoting your idea :) It takes 3 to 5 days to make each theme.
  • Will this work on Android as well?
    Yes. But I am unfamiliar with the process of installing for Android since I do not own an Android device. You will have to research by yourself. After all, the pack mostly contains images. You just need to figure out how to turn those images into widgets and app icons.
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